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Mine d'Art welcomes you in its studio to give life to your projects. With expertise in both sound and video work, we provide services for recording, mixing, mastering, audiovisual post-production, sound design and foley, as well as a residence programme. 

The studio is comprised of a 35sqm live room with refined acoustic and daylight, and a 16sqm well-equiped control room. The concert room—a natural sand grotto with natural reverberation, prolonged by a stone vault—can also be put to good use. 

The studio is located in Dieulefit, Drôme (South-East France)

We also offer live sound engineering for your own shows or events and, thanks to our mobile facility, recording anywhere you like and have access to. Comprised of a sound engineer and video professionals, our team is available to discuss your needs and desires, and will do their best to accommodate them.


* We have additional, adapted equipment for residences and events

PreAmplification & Recording

• Neve 4081 (2x4 pistes)

• Behringer X32

• Plug-ins UAD, Waves, iZotope... 

• Studio One, Protools, Logic Pro

• Avantone CV-12
• Shure : SM57, SM58, Beta 58, Beta 91
• AKG C214
• sE Electronics SE1A (couple stéréo) 
• Beyerdynamic M88 
• Audix Fusion DP5-A (kit batterie) : D6, i5, D2, D4

• BSS AR-133 (Di)
• Yamaha HS80M
• Casques ATH-M50
• Casque AKG K271 MKII
• Casque Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro
• Casque Sennheiser HD 215
• Drums Sonor Force 3000
• Guitare (Left-Handed) :
     - Yamaha AES 620
     - Takamine G5
     - Squier Stratocaster
• Percussion
• Different Midi and Analog Keyboards
• Maschine Mk2 Native Instrument
• VST (Native Instrument, Arturia, Waves...)
• Peavey ValveKing VK212
Instrument Amplification
Emmanuel Lemberthe
06 18 78 71 00
Dieulefit, Drôme, Rhône Alpes, France
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